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    AD/Everyone Active: Everyone Is Family.

    11th August 2021 crelgey

    A Week Of Physical Activity with Everyone Active. Sports, staying fit, and being healthy has always been a part of my life. As a child, as children do, I filtered between a couple of classes, before settling on gymnastics, which took me right through to age sixteen. From childhood through to further education I always had an interest in sports, though maybe some as an armchair spectator. Now as an adult, I understand properly the benefits and effects of an…

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    Staying Active In Lockdown.

    24th June 2020 crelgey

    Staying active in lockdown. Maybe not the case for everyone, but it seems like, as a nation, through our imposed lockdown, we’ve fallen a little bit in love with, dare I say it –  exercise and staying active in lockdown. Yes. I said a little bit in love. I’ve seen many a comment and post which surprisingly when referring to those things which they miss from our pre-covid19 life, the gym and consistent use of exercise was mentioned. And I…

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  • Time To Share The Best Kept Morning Secret.

    16th August 2017 crelgey

    The best morning routine. My morning routine has changed considerably in the last year and a half, even two years. Rewind to last year and this post, and my morning routine was all about health, staying fit and weight loss. Now, that’s not to say that this has changed, as these are still things I am conscious about, I’m all for the best morning routine, however, recently it’s more about my mental health that I’m looking after, with a side helping of…

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  • Staying On Track With Fitbit.

    17th August 2016 crelgey

    I have so much love for this little gadget, a Fitbit, even if it does look like I’m on day release. I’d never of thought myself as a goal searcher, but, over recent years and more so since doing Bootcamps and going to the gym, it seems I am. I’m that person that moans when asked to do an exercise until they say stop. However, put the stopwatch in my hand, or tell me how many reps to do instead,…

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