• i choose life

    I Choose Life.

    5th January 2022 crelgey

    I sat down to write about New Year. Resolutions, goals, maybe ideas on how to have a better positive year. God knows were still in a place where we need all the positivity, (But that’s another post.) However, you know, when I really sat and thought about it – the last year, even the year previous and then what I wanted my twenty twenty two to look like, although I had lots of ideas, it just became evident that ultimately…

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  • everyone active scarborough

    AD/Everyone Active: Everyone Is Family.

    11th August 2021 crelgey

    A Week Of Physical Activity with Everyone Active. Sports, staying fit, and being healthy has always been a part of my life. As a child, as children do, I filtered between a couple of classes, before settling on gymnastics, which took me right through to age sixteen. From childhood through to further education I always had an interest in sports, though maybe some as an armchair spectator. Now as an adult, I understand properly the benefits and effects of an…

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  • Summer Intentions

    Summer Solstice Intentions.

    30th June 2021 crelgey

    The Summer solstice marks the end of the first half of the year. A time to reflect over the last six months, more so on personal growth, as well as set intentions for the coming and final six. It’s also known as the season of light, being a time when we are most conscious and living in the moment. So let’s set some Summer Intentions. In all honesty and I’m sure I’m not alone, but, I don’t know where the…

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  • spring intentions

    Simple Spring Intentions.

    17th March 2021 crelgey

    *Ad/Gifted Ring.   Spring Equinox. Lighter, longer days finally return. Though we’re still in a very uncertain time, the opportunity to spend longer outside and it being marginally warmer is something I am definitely looking forward to. That as well as the return of my favourite daffodils. They really do brighten my day.  As with my Autumn and Winter, my Spring intentions are simple. The month of Spring brings new beginnings and with that, a chance to let go of those…

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