• Eat Me Scarborough

    An Evening Meal At Eat Me, Scarborough.

    18th September 2019 crelgey

    Eat me, Scarborough is by no means ‘new’ on the boom of an eatery scene that the town seems to be having over the last year. They are by far one of the most popular places to visit, as well as being one of, if not the first premiss to bring the ‘industrial’ decor feel to the town, that seems to be the new and only way of decorating a cafe. Perfectly situated behind the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Eat Me,…

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  • A Meal At Garden Shed, Scarborough.

    21st August 2019 crelgey

    The Garden Shed, Scarborough is a relatively new business to the town. Along with many others, with the plan to generate revenue and succeed, it’s niche is varied; a combination of cafe and restaurant. Though it’ is in the decor that the Garden Shed sets itself apart from many new openings in the town. They’ve really ran with the Garden theme, right down to the smallest of details of entering the threshold under a trowel and fork. The premiss is…

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  • Scarborough UK

    5 Places You Need To Visit In Scarborough.

    8th May 2019 crelgey

    What to do in Scarborough, the UK’s first seaside resort. When visiting somewhere, it’s easy to fall into the tourist trap and do the normal. But imagine the potential when you decide to go off track. The adventure. The hidden gems. It’s easy to think of Scarborough as just a seaside town. It’s what tourists love about it and in some ways, it’s what the locals stay for. You can’t beat the sea air and sand under your feet. I’ve…

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  • Alpamare Spa Scarborough

    AD/Wellness At Alpamare, Scarborough.

    17th April 2019 crelgey

    *My Spa experience was gifted by Alpamare for a review. But all love, relaxing and soft skin is my own.   Alpamare Waterpark Scarborough opened in 2016. A waterpark like no other. And a great addition to the UK’s first seaside resort. Its location, overlooking the North Sea makes its outdoor pools, especially the infinity pool that bit more special. However, bringing the Alps to Scarborough wasn’t to end there and in April 2019, Wellness at Alpamare Spa opened. Wellness…

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