i choose life

I Choose Life.

5th January 2022

I sat down to write about New Year. Resolutions, goals, maybe ideas on how to have a better positive year. God knows were still in a place where we need all the positivity, (But that’s another post.)

However, you know, when I really sat and thought about it – the last year, even the year previous and then what I wanted my twenty twenty two to look like, although I had lots of ideas, it just became evident that ultimately – I just want to live my life.

I’ll forever be an organiser. A planner.  No one can ever take that out of me. Not even Covid. And really, making plans is what keeps me going at times. Be it a day off or a weekend away. It’s a goal. An aspiration. A happy thought.

So although I choose life. To live some kind of freedom. I mean I more so choose a happy life. To allow myself to be happy and live my best life. However it may look; with my favourite people, time on my own, shopping, reading, eating, walking, at home, or away.

However it looks.


What are you choosing this year?



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