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11th August 2021

A Week Of Physical Activity with Everyone Active.

Sports, staying fit, and being healthy has always been a part of my life. As a child, as children do, I filtered between a couple of classes, before settling on gymnastics, which took me right through to age sixteen. From childhood through to further education I always had an interest in sports, though maybe some as an armchair spectator. Now as an adult, I understand properly the benefits and effects of an active lifestyle, on children as well as adults.

With the arrival of COVID and subsequent lockdowns and the allowance of exercise time, many people found and developed a love and need for physical activity. Be it anything from walking or extreme biking. Though I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that ‘exercise time’ was more than that. Cabin fever is real. And not just reserved for rainy days in the school holidays where you surrender your home to your mini dictators. Exercise time became more about resetting my mental health than anything else.

A moment or time of freedom, you could say.

Being involved in sports and activities, especially outside is something I always try and promote and project onto my boys. Thankfully I have a football-mad eldest and a younger happy on his balance bike, in-between them both loving visiting parks, trampoline fun, and any other garden games.

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This Summer, between the 1st and 31st August, Everyone Active is running a campaign to celebrate and help endorse the balance of a new normal and staying healthy. With the management of over 200 centres and facilities across the country, Everyone Active is providing FREE activity plans, that cater for all abilities and ages. From visiting the centre to home workouts. They really have you covered to have an active August.  

everyone active activities

Myself and my two boys thoroughly enjoyed an active first week of the Summer holidays. Visiting the Everyone Active Centre at Scarborough Sports Village on separate occasions for family swim session; which was amazing as it’s been so long since we’ve been in a swimming pool. Both boys love water, but my youngest hasn’t had much of an introduction to swimming pools, so it was a great opportunity and something I’ll definitely now be taking forward to booking more sessions for him. 

We also visited the centre to play some badminton. My boys are typically that, so any sport which involves hitting something is gratefully received. Definitely a better experience than playing in our garden and having to retrieve the shuttlecock from a tree.  Everyone Active also provides the equipment, so you really can just play for fun. My eldest especially enjoyed it, asking if we could do it again sometime and to be honest, it’s something I’d definitely look into for the school holidays. 

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I took some time to myself, booking a kettlebell class at the Everyone Active Sports Village. Even though I knew what to expect, it was a tough class! But thoroughly enjoyed. COVID precautions were in place, but social distancing, as well for safety due to the use of kettlebells, but also anti-bacterial spray and wipes for equipment once the class was over. 

Everyone Active also offers an online service called Everyone On Demand. This service is separate to the Everyone Active membership but is a hub of online training, working with the likes of Les Mills, EA Series and Mindshine. Offering fitness to wellbeing sessions for everyone. The app is really easy to use. I accessed the app on my phone and chose a couple of the well-being sessions; meditation and stretching. The stretch session definitely helped the day after my kettlebell class! 

As well as having the Everyone On Demand app, Everyone Active also have their own content hub or blog. They currently have some great articles on family fun and how you can create fun and active activities at home and out and about. The boys and I enjoyed playing hopscotch on the patio, which is great for coordination, balance and also numeracy. 


Everyone Active’s Everyone Is Family runs throughout this August, so be sure to enquire online or pop into your local centre for information. 



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