Summer Solstice Intentions.

30th June 2021

The Summer solstice marks the end of the first half of the year. A time to reflect over the last six months, more so on personal growth, as well as set intentions for the coming and final six. It’s also known as the season of light, being a time when we are most conscious and living in the moment. So let’s set some Summer Intentions.

In all honesty and I’m sure I’m not alone, but, I don’t know where the last six months have gone. I’m not even sure I know where the last year has gone. However, that said, I definitely feel I’m both a different person and in a different place than I was, six months, even a year ago. I feel the growth. I feel I know myself more and better, which is crazy, since I’ve known myself for 37 years now.

As with my Spring Intentions,  my Summer ones are simple.

Continue to learn. Continue to grow

Continue to live, Continue to love

The Summer months are a favourite, lighter longer days make for early morning beach visits before the tourists and locals alike arrive. Plus the lighter evenings make for BBQs and outside socialising with friends. 


What do the Summer months mean to you?

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