spring intentions

Simple Spring Intentions.

17th March 2021crelgey

*Ad/Gifted Ring.


Spring Equinox. Lighter, longer days finally return. Though we’re still in a very uncertain time, the opportunity to spend longer outside and it being marginally warmer is something I am definitely looking forward to. That as well as the return of my favourite daffodils. They really do brighten my day. 

As with my Autumn and Winter, my Spring intentions are simple.

The month of Spring brings new beginnings and with that, a chance to let go of those things that don’t align with your current or new trajectory. Be it people within your life or the online world. I wrote about this a little more in my post about 5 Ways To A Positive New Year and they are things that can definitely be transferred and used as seasonal or monthly intentions. 

New beginnings or changes, not necessarily made by you can also bring about an element of being able to adapt. Adapt to new routines and situations. Adaption isn’t complacency. It is making a new normal that best suits you.

As with adapting to new beginnings and situations this coming season, we need to remember to embrace them for what they are. Embracing keeps us in the moment. I know we’re in uncertain times at the moment, with a definite groundhog day feel, and the desire to hurry through days to ‘better times’ is real. But if anything, this last year has shown how uncertain our lives have become. The best way I see to look after yourself is to embrace the days. Make the most of them. Take them as they come. We still have the ability to control that much. So choose to live and be happy. 

I have to add lastly that this gorgeous book by Charlie Mackesy arrived the other day from my wonderful bestie. It’s a gift I didn’t know I needed. Not only beautifully illustrated and written, similar style to old A.A Milne., that resonates with the youngest and oldest.  I had to photograph it with this gorgeous Daisy London Ring that I was recently gifted. I rope signet detail works perfectly with my style, making it easy to wear daily. Their recent collaboration with Estee Lalonde has some gorgeous pieces worth checking out. 



What will your Winter look like? Do you have any intentions or inspiration to share?

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  • claire chircop

    19th March 2021 at 12:24 pm

    It definitely feels like we’re in a constant state of groundhog day at the moment – However like you say, we’ve learnt to adapt & hopefully we’ll be able to adapt to a more ‘normal’ life int he coming months. Whatever normal even is anymore! Love the ring too! Definitely something I’d wear as well.
    Hope you’re doing okay!


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