5 Ways To A Positive New Year.

30th December 2020

A Positive New Year.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I chose to not make a song and dance about New Year resolutions. Let’s be honest, we set the same ones year in year out and they last a matter of weeks, or potentially days dependent upon how your day has been.

That being said, I chose instead to make changes, shall we say. These changes reflecting more on my mental health, general wellbeing and happiness, over that of denying myself things I love, for example.

I personally feel this is a more sensible way to enter the new year and moving through it, especially with the year we’ve just been through, as let’s be honest, getting back to normal isn’t an option and learning to live as we are and move forward, in the best possible individual way, is the only option.


So, taking this past year into massive account, I thought I’d share 5 ways I plan to have a positive new year, mentally.


  • Have a social clear out. I have done this in the past, but probably not as regularly as I maybe should. I’m not one to just follow people for the sake of it, however, I’ve had most of my channels for a good eight years. I’ve grown and my interests, likes and direction have changed a lot. So checking my social media channels on seeing who I’m following and who still inspires me and unfollowing those who don’t. 
  • Reflect on the past yearI’m sure many of us won’t want to, but it’s a necessity to acknowledge what has gone, to then be able to move forward and have a positive new year. This could be done by writing a mini list of a number of positives and negatives. From there you’re able to see that like me, maybe this last year wasn’t all that bad, but as well as see what you’ve learnt as well as be able to set some goals to work towards in the coming year.  
  • Set boundaries. This last year has and continues to see a good number of us working from home. This throws a lot of change in regards to boundaries, productivity, and routines. The struggle to get out of bed, to the half loungewear, half smart-casual dressing, we’ve all be there. However, boundaries need to be set. This could be a set up for some time. So setting out clear places for working as well as general living is instrumental to your productivity, as well as your brain knowing when to engage and shut off. Setting boundaries with others is imperative also. And not just from a working aspect. 
  • Make Time For Exercise. Something over nothing. Exercise releases happy endorphins, can keep your weight in check, helps strengthen your heart, and can also do wonders for your mental health. You don’t have to take on Everest or run a marathon, just making sure you’re moving each hour and getting at least 10,000 daily steps in is all it takes.
  • Don’t Forget To Live. That may sound ridiculous, but I think beyond everything, you have to remember to just be and do things that make you happy. Everyone’s ideas of happiness are different. There’s no right or wrong in that sense. But if you’re sat thinking of your goals for the coming year or sat with your diary on a Sunday planning your week ahead, don’t forget to schedule in your free time.


Do you already do any of these? Or do you have your own to add?


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