Where To Find The Best Hot Chocolate In Scarborough.

21st October 2020

Best Chocolate In Scarborough. It’s no secret that I’m an avid tea drinker. And by tea, I mean of the traditional variety – English/Breakfast kind to clarify. However. There is another hot beverage that, more so when out and about, becomes my sip of choice and that is – A Hot Chocolate.

Surely it’s no surprise? It’s chocolate.

You may also not be surprised to guess that, I love a novelty. So give me all the toppings and variations. However, it has to taste chocolatey. And be indulging.

It’s been a long year. And with Winter a matter of weeks away, I thought I’d share with you, where to find the best Hot Chocolate in Scarborough, according to me.


The Hideout, Scarborough.


The Hideout, Scarborough is easily becoming one of my favourite brew spots. With its location, close to the beach and opposite Peasholm park, which is a great place for all the family, normally easy parking and lastly close to my mum, it’s not surprising really. However, I left one thing out. Their Hot Chocolate game is strong. I’m normally a brew lady, however, after having their deluxe Hot Chocolate, I’m converted.

Could it be the best Hot Chocolate in Scarborough?

hideout scarborough hot chocolate



Oliver’s On The Mount, Scarborough.


I’ve visited Oliver’s On The Mount numerous times and written about them here also. Their location is undoubtedly the best in Scarborough, situated at the top of Oliver’s Mount. The views of Scarborough are breath-taking, even to see as a Scarborian. As with other places, you have the choice of a plain hot chocolate or with marshmallows. The obvious choice is always marshmallows, but I just needed to add in there that you do have a choice. (But you definitely should be having it with marshmallows. lol) Between the hot chocolate and the views, coupled with the chic decor of Oliver’s On The Mount, it’s a tough act to follow.

Could it be the best Hot Chocolate in Scarborough?




Koda, Scarborough.


Kota. A stone’s throw away from the town centre and the railway station make it a must-visit for anyone coming to Scarborough. I wrote a post back in October 2019 welcoming koda to the town and even with a pandemic, like other independents in the town, it has shown its business initiative and creativity and resilience by trading, in one capacity or another as soon as it was safe. With seasonally changing menus, I personally love their Autumn/Winter menu, mainly for this, their Guy Morks Hot Chocolate. 

Could it be the best Hot Chocolate in Scarborough?




Stained Glass Centre, Cayton.


The Stained Glass Centre, found in Cayton, just outside of Scarborough, is a place that houses workshops for the general public to attend specific or general session in making glass items. It also has a shop to purchase pre-made items which sits within the cafe area. At the back of the centre is a wonderfully kept garden area, which I can imagine being lovely sit out in in the warmer months. However, it’s their Hot Chocolate that you need to visit for. The special Hot Chocolate is served with broken brownie pieces and marshmallow and the hot chocolate as its self was chocolatey and definitely not ‘machine’ like. And on the cold, windy wet Autumn day I visited, it was a perfect pick me up.

Could it be the best Hot Chocolate in Scarborough?




Corner House, Newby.


If there was anywhere in Scarborough that I had high expectations for a good hot chocolate, it was Corner House. Since opening, they’ve set the bar pretty high for cakes and bakes with amazing combinations and specials. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen I visited at Easter to sample their half chocolate easter egg cheesecake, which was just amazing. So you’ll be pleased to know that their Deluxe Hot Chocolate definitely rates high with me also. Good tasting hot chocolate, with marshmallows, topped with cream, chocolate sauce and a couple more marshmallows for effect.

Could it be the best Hot Chocolate in Scarborough?





There are plenty more places I have yet to try, so look out for an updated post next Autumn/Winter, but for now, there you have it, 5 hot chocolates well worth trying in Scarborough. 


But which would you crown The Best Hot Chocolate In Scarborough?



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  • Jennie

    22nd October 2020 at 7:50 pm

    I love a good hot chocolate! The one from The Hideout looks the best to me 🙂

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